The Traditional product of the Master Cooper produced to a level of quality in materials and manufacture that is beyond comparison – that’s what you get when you specify A.P. John barrels.

Precision manufacture plays a vitally important part in the quality of A.P. John barrels. Under the skilled hand and eye of the Master Cooper, zero material tolerances are the norm. Due to this passion for quality craftsmanship and precision, A.P. John are the only cooperage ever known to have never performed or required water testing of finished barrels. As barrels leave the cooperage dry, all oak flavours remain intact imparting a pristine freshness on the nose and palate of the finished wine.

Long term users of A.P. John barrels know their wine is always safely contained in a barrel that is virtually guaranteed not to leak.

More than 600 wineries throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and California place their trust and their wines in A.P. John Barrels.

Our barrels are used by many wineries throughout Australia and the rest of the world and we are proud to list just a few of Australia’s leading Wineries: Fosters Wine Estates, Orlando Wines, Constellation Wines Australia, CA Henschke, Majella Wines. Internationally recognised iconic Australian wine brands such as Penfolds Grange, Penfolds Bin 707, Henschke Hill of Grace and Rockford Basket Press are all aged in A.P.John barrels.

 A.P. John Coopers fine tradition of Coopering runs parallel with providing outstanding customer service and creating long term partnerships that grow from vintage to vintage.  From the tried and proven to the innovative, A.P. John are close at hand to discuss your needs, provide more information and work together with you to create that perfect touch of oak for your wine.

Materials and Processes

Oak is a passion for A.P. John Coopers. Once used almost exclusively in ship building, the slow growth of oak provides a dense grain and water tight seal perfect for barrel construction.

A.P. John source the very finest French and American Oak from the same mills and growers who have, in most instances, been valued suppliers to the company for well over fifty years. This generational relationship ensures timber supplies from sustainable forests that are the envy of French and American cooperages – and the joy of Australian winemakers.

Timber is air seasoned at site of mill in Bordeaux, Burgundy, USA or at the Barossa Valley Cooperage for a minimum of 24 months and in many cases a minimum of 36 months. This ensures your A.P. John barrel is produced from select, super premium quality, well seasoned oak.  A.P. John are able to offer you a barrel to suit your wine style.

Every piece of timber is coded at mill and retains that code from raw material to finished product. Staves and head pieces are always milled from the same batch numbers to ensure consistency of flavour. Indeed the identifying number remains with the oak until it is stamped onto the head of the finished barrel.

As part of our ongoing quality assurance program, samples of each batch of oak are taken upon arrival at the cooperage and soaked in distilled water for a period of 10 days. These samples undergo a sensory analysis for any oak contaminants. Results from these tests for each sample are recorded and further analysis is conducted where necessary.

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