American Oak

American Oak

A.P. John source the very finest American Oak from the same mills and growers who have, in most instances, been valued suppliers to the company for well over fifty years. This generational relationship ensures timber supplies from sustainable forests that are the envy of French and American cooperages – and the joy of Australian winemakers.

Timber is air seasoned at site of mill in the USA or at the Barossa Valley Cooperage for a minimum of 24 months and in many cases a minimum of 36 months.

This ensures your A.P. John barrel is produced from select, super premium quality, well seasoned oak.
A.P. John are able to offer you a barrel to suit your wine style.

Utilising our enviable experience with American Oak, A.P. John Coopers is proud to release our American Oak ‘Regional’ selections including Shenandoah, Appalachian, Missouri, Ozark and Minnesota.

 This American oak diversity demonstrates our ability & commitment to provide unique parcels of oak for your unique parcel of fruit.