Du Bordelais Medium Fine Grain (MFG)

Du Bordelais Medium Fine Grain (MFG)


Growing region

This Quercus Petraea Oak is selected from the Centre of France forests.

Average Rainfall – 970mm pa.

Elevation average – 378m


Oak Seasoned at mill in Bordeaux for 36+ months receiving an annual average precipitation of 900mm prior to shipment to our cooperage – Barossa Valley, South Australia. The oak then spends another 4 – 6 months in our seasoning yard to acclimatise the oak prior to manufacturing.


We toast this barrel utilising the proprietary ‘SFT’ coopering method to enhance the Bordeaux micro climatic and organoleptic properties of this oak.

This customised toasting results in a barrel that respects the primary fruit aromatics underpinning them with complex seasoned oak character encompassing hints of subtle spice. This medium fine grain barrel is ideally suited to medium and full bodied wines that would benefit from approachable robust tannin for added mid palate weight and length.

Du Bordelais MFG PDF  click here to download detailed product specification