Technical Specifications

Standard Barrel Sizes

Size Capacity +/- 2.5L
Barrique 225 litre
Hogshead 300 litre
Puncheon 475 litre


Size Head Diameter +/- 5mm Bilge Diameter +/-10mm      Length +/-5mm  
Barrique 560mm (22¨) 675mm (26 3/8¨) 965mm (38¨)
Hogshead     610mm (24¨) 765mm (30¨) 1050mm (411/2¨)
Puncheon 750mm (30¨) 915mm (36¨) 1115mm (44¨)

American Oak: A maximum 10.5% moisture content is maintained throughout manufacture. With the hot and dry Barossa Valley summers, the moisture content must be held below that used by Northern Hemisphere cooperages. This lower moisture content ensures minimal shrinkage and exceptional sealing properties resulting in negligible barrel leakage.

French Oak: as further refinement of our use of French Oak all French Oak arriving at the cooperage prior to manufacture is stored in an open shed to allow air movement through the stave stack and also to prevent our summer sun drying the oak too much. This allows us to retain a stable moisture content with in the raw oak.

All oak inventories are coded and data-based from the mill to the final product with individual data codes maintained through every production process.

Oak dimensions:  All dimensions are at final size after fabrication.

American Oak Staves: 28.5 – 29.5mm thick Headings: 27.5mm thick
French Oak Staves: 26.5 – 27.5mm thick Headings: 25.5mm thick