All toasting formulae are proprietary to A.P. John Coopers, having been perfected over 120 years of experience. All toasting times are taken after steaming and bending.

Barrel Toasting 

A.P. John offer the following toast levels or can customise to your exact requirements.

  • Medium light
  • Medium
  • Medium Plus (A.P. John Coopers ‘house toast’ style)
  • Medium heavy
  • Heavy

Reserve Select French Oak Barrel toasting: as part of the continuing re-finement of coopering at A.P. John, we have developed a specific toast method we call "SFT". Together with oak seasoning regimes, this toasting method creates a barrel that displays fresh spice / oak characters on the nose whilst delivering a soft early integrating palate.
Close attention to toasting formulae and stringent quality controls ensure consistent results from barrel to barrel.

All barrel sizes are available with or without head toasting.
225 litre Barriques and 300 litre Hogsheads are available with ‘standard bend’ (dry fire and steam) or ‘immersion bend’ (immersed in hot water) manufacture for added flavour complexity.