A.P. John’s Oak Barrels and Additive products have been developed in consultation with generations of Australian winemakers to supply a broad selection of variations that provide differing regimes for usage, timing and flavour extraction depending on the individual needs of the winemakers.

From major producers through to boutique wineries, variations on size, surface area, construction and material specifications enable our oak additive products to satisfy specific winemaking requirements.

Oak Origins

Typically slow grown Fine to Medium Fine Grain oak is sourced through the same suppliers from which we source raw material for our cooperage requirements.  French Oak from a variety of forests – Centre of France such as Allier, Never & the Bourgogne regions.  American Oak sourced from private forests in the cool climate, elevated regions from Pennsylvania, Virginia & Missouri.  All oak in seasoned in country of origin for a minimum of 2 winters to leach undesirable characters, thus providing soft integrating oak flavours that enhance fruit lift and assist with palate structure.