Barrel Inserts

Offering 25% new Oak extractability, Barrel Inserts are designed to provide new oak influence to pre used barrels without the hands on intervention of a cooper. Easily inserted via the barrel’s bung hole, Barrel Inserts enable the producer to retain and extend the operational life of existing barrel stocks for storage and maturation without the need for the additional costs of re-coopering.

Convenient and economical, Barrel Inserts can be easily removed from the barrel. All fixings are constructed from completely inert food grade plastics that impart no flavour or odour to the wine product.

Available in grain select French Oak and regional select American Oak.

French and American Oak Barrel Inserts available in the following Toast levels.

  • "Traditionale" - Fire Toast
  • Medium Toast - Convection oven
  • Medium Plus Toast - Convection oven