Ideally suited for use at fermentation and to promote colour stability, the chip size maximises surface area for optimum flavour extraction.

The smaller size of the Oak Xtra Chip makes them suitable for use during ferment or maturation.  All timber is super premium quality American or French Oak.

All Oak destined for A.P. John Chip products are seasoned in country of origin prior to shipment to the Barossa.

  • House Toast - signature toasting profile
  • Hi V – highlighting Vanillin characters
  • Mocha – highlighting Mocha / coffee characters
  • Cassia – highlighting Spice flavours
  • Fine Roast – a Medium Plus toast. This smaller Chip is suitable for ferment and maturation.

All Chips are available in 10kg poly bags for emptying into crusher or tank or 10kg Immersible Bags for tank.