Mini Staves

Mini Staves

Providing a greater surface to volume ratio than Cubits, giving the winemaker another choice of methods for the addition of Oak flavours and structures.

French and American Oak Mini Staves available in the following Toast levels:

  • House Toast - provides rich mid palate fill, aromatic with low coconut, balanced vanilla and nutty flavours  
  • Hi V – highlighting Vanillin characters
  • Mocha – highlighting Mocha / coffee characters
  • Cassia – highlighting Spice flavours
  • Medium Toast - Convection oven
  • Medium Toast Plus - Convection oven
  • Traditionale - Fire toast

Nominal dimensions of 190 x 48 x 8mm

Mini Staves are available in 10kg poly bags for emptying into tank or 5kg Immersible Bags for hanging in tank