Quick Plank

Quick Plank

Quick Plank has revolutionised “in-tank” plank systems with its ease and speed of installation.

The combination of footed “base” modules and stackable “standard” modules requires no infrastructure for installation thereby incurring no additional infrastructure costs.
Conveniently sized to facilitate ease of handling and quick, simple installation; the modular nature of Quick Plank enables simple ‘multiple factor’ calculations for application rates.

Produced at the cooperage to order and with short turnaround to ensure the freshness of flavour extraction; naturally all Oak is super premium quality – the invariable hallmark of all A.P. John products. All modules are bound with food grade strapping for stability and strength.

With a choice of French or American Oak – or a mixture of the two for even more control and complexity in flavour structure - all Oak is seasoned in its country of origin for 24 months. Full dimension penetration toasting means consistent replicable flavour extraction is assured.

In all, Quick Plank provides the winemaker with access to quality Oak and flexible solutions at a highly competitive price.

French and American Oak available in the following Toast levels:

  • House Toast - provides rich mid palate fill, aromatic with low coconut, balanced vanilla and nutty flavours  
  • Hi V – highlighting Vanillin characters
  • Mocha – highlighting Mocha / coffee characters

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