Re-conditioned Barrels

Re-conditioned Barrels

For those wines requiring a sound maturation vessel, A.P. John Coopers offer many different options in Barrel re-conditioning. From supplying young second hand barrels that have been scraped and lightly re-fired, adding new heads for new oak complexity, or utilising your own barrels, our Coopers can restore life to older barrels.
Our Barrel Restoration service is available for you to supply your own used barrels, or we, A.P. John have the capacity to supply high quality used barrels from reputable wine companies with excellent Barrel cleaning and filling regimes are sourced for re-conditioning barrels at A.P. John Coopers.

We can recondition Barriques, Hogsheads and Puncheons.

Options available when requesting refurbished barrels are:

Scrape or shave only

Scrape with light re-fire

Scrape with light re-fire and fitting of new heads